Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching

Coach Kelli can help you to improve your nutrition for healthier lifestyle and/or work to maximize your nutrition for athletic performance.  She will guide you in creating sustainable, healthy eating habits and keep you on track to reach your goals!


She will create a custom nutrition plan based on your goals whether you are looking to improve your nutrition for healthier lifestyle, get leaner for performance, optimize nutrition strategies to improve recovery, training and racing, or gear your plan for your own personal lifestyle/nutrition goals.  She emphasizes eating real foods that are nutrient dense in easy to follow plan.

Training/Race Day Fuel Plan

Planning to do Ironman, ultra, marathon or long endurance event?  Its imperative you have a solid race day fueling plan to ensure success in your event.  And make sure you are fueling properly during all that hard training!


Coach Kelli will help devise a plan that will work for you to properly fuel and hydrate during training and on race day.  This can make all the difference in faster recovery and successful day on the race course

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